Market & Sell More Effectively Through Effective Speaking & Communication Skills

It’s no secret that effective speaking gives you a leg up and makes you stand out. Just a few pre-game questions…

  1. How will you gain and hold attention?

  2. How do you get your audience to stick with you?

  3. How will you ensure you that you actually connect?

  4. What is your intention? Education? Persuasion? Action?

  5. How does your strategic marketing work with your presentation?

  6. Will you rehearse or just wing it and hope for the best? 

Take Your Communication Skills,

Your Message, Your Brand to More People

The ability to speak with confidence, get to the point and do it authentically is a coveted and learnable skill. Effective speaking takes your communication, your message to more people.

Stand Up Speaking Increases Sales

To command a small or large group elevates clients and prospects perception of you and your brand. You are seen as an expert. I know this to be true as do my clients.

Speak with Comfort, Control, Clarity

As a professional speaking coach, formerly with the Dale Carnegie Systems, I’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of business people in many industries including beginners and professionals.

What would you like to accomplish? No guarantees I can help everyone. However, I have plenty of qualified resources to support you and your team in effective speaking.

If you’re intent upon boosting the effectiveness of your speaking; to get more comfort, control and ease standing before an audience then expert coaching is one call away.

Raise Your Confidence Level

Find out for yourself how you and/or your team can elevate your level of control, confidence and speaking effectiveness.

Call or email.

“Daron’s tailored coaching helped me to become the successful
speaker and facilitator I am today. Proof is when I received a handsome check for a presentation to the Tampa Lumbermen’s Association.”

Hal Peller, Hal Peller & Co.

New York City

"I have you to credit for my speaking engagement going over so well. In fact, it resulted in significant business for my partner.
Without your marketing advice and expert coaching it would have been a typical boring tax talk."

Earl R. Belger, CPA, Belger & Assoc. Michigan


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Client Profile:

Kurt David

Former Pro Athlete

Author & PBS TV Show Host

From Glory Days 

Featuring the transitioning

lives of former Tigers, Lions,

Pistons and Red Wings

Projects: Mr. David hired

The Powers Group to do a marketing strategy which lead to selling TV sponsorships. Mr. Powers later coached Mr. David already a professional speaker to refine his platform skills and attract more paid speaking opportunities.

Client Profile:

David Mayer

Founder of Videoburst

West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Projects: Mr. Mayer hired The Powers Group to initially collaborate on a Videoburst marketing strategy.

Mr. Powers later coached Mr. Mayer on platform skills. The purpose is to reach a wider audience looking use video to promote their products and services on the web, and with social media.

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